Financial services
made easy

RapidPay provides a range of financial services to help law firms get paid sooner.


Offer your clients flexible payment options

Clients can pay by BACS or any major credit or debit card so you can get paid sooner. Providing multiple payment options helps clients better manage their cash flow and pay you on time.


Create back office efficiencies

RapidPay’s automated receipt posting system seamlessly integrates with LEAP to reduce your non-billable hours. Each card or BACS payment is automatically posted to the corresponding LEAP matter and emailed to your client.


Optimise your Client Account reconciliation

Securely and seamlessly import your bank transactions to LEAP’s end of month client account reconciliation tool. RapidPay’s bank data connection automatically imports all your bank transactions and matches bank data against entries found in LEAP.


Forget the days of chasing payments

Stop chasing payments by automating your payment reminders. Seamless integration with LEAP utilises the due date and balance due on invoices to follow your custom reminder schedule.

Over 1,500 law firms choose RapidPay